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Running Steam on Windows 7 & 8

First published on 2023-04-04.

Today's banner prompt for the North Tower version update
For those who want to play GTA4 or TH on the Windows platform after 272 days

Referenced this article Thanks for the inspiration

You don't need to install any software like the referenced article to access Steam directly (only available for Steam platform and Chinese region code, if you have a different region code, download Watt toolkit v2.8.6 for acceleration on 2023/4/4)

If you are installing Steam on Windows 7 for the first time, download the official installation package to create some Steam-related files

After opening, go to the "Select Installation Location" step and remember the target folder path for later use

If you want to create some Steam-related files (referred to as "base package" below), install them in the above step

We don't know what the future holds, we can only guess from the steps of installing XP

  1. The installation steps are executed normally, but when entering Steam, it gets stuck on the update (goto normal)

  2. The installation steps are not downloaded correctly, root certificate error (literal meaning, update certificate)

  3. The installation steps are not performed correctly, only the base package (steam.exe exists in the target folder, goto normal)

Normal situation

Download steam.7z and extract it in the parent folder of the target folder

For example, if my target folder is E:\Program Files\steam, the parent folder of the target folder is E:\Program Files

Then place the downloaded steam.7z in the parent folder and extract it. If prompted to overwrite, confirm directly

Then extract some 7z files inside, which are update content and some caches that may be needed

Extract these 7z files and choose to extract to the current location


Then enter Steam (if it's a Chinese region account), you can log in directly. Other region codes may require accelerated login

Reminder for people in the distant future logging in:

You should copy a config.vdf file from the steam\config folder of the new machine to the steam\config folder of the Windows 7 machine

Otherwise, you won't be able to log in to your account correctly

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